RAF chiefs have agreed new flight paths over one of the region's bases following recommendations from councillors.

The new pattern around the base at Linton-on-Ouse, near York, has been designed to give the fairest spread of noise geographically.

It follows a 12-month trial and local consultation over the noise made by Tucano aircraft, used by trainee pilots.

Since 1995, the RAF had used flight paths to the north, north-west and south of the base. Last March, trials began for new circuits, moving many to the east and south.

Following the trial, Hambleton councillors agreed on a compromise, approving circuits similar to those being used on the trial, but avoiding Newton-on-Ouse.

Linton station commander Group Captain Andy Sudlow said the only step left was for Harrogate Borough Council to ratify the decision.

He said: "All of the circuit options are safe. RAF Linton-on-Ouse accepts the recommendation made by Hambleton's cabinet, which has been reached by due democratic process, and we thank them for their involvement.

"It will take us six weeks to implement the new circuits."

Hambleton councillor John Fletcher said: "While this has been a protracted process for some, we feel we have reached a conclusion that is the best that can be achieved."