THE mother of Britain's most unwanted man confirmed last night that he was safe and well, but his whereabouts remains a mystery.

Police took the unprecedented step of issuing a public appeal to find Ken Teasdale last week after he went on the run for a crime they know he did not commit.

The 22-year-old, of Matterdale Road, Peterlee, County Durham, has since called home to tell his mother, Katrina Wren, not to worry.

Ms Wren said last night that she told Mr Teasdale when he phoned that the police do not suspect he was involved a burglary as he feared.

She said: "He said he knew he had nothing to do with it, but thought he was getting the blame for it.

"He just wanted to keep out and kept a low profile. He is a good lad and does not drink or get involved with drugs."

Mr Teasdale was reported missing by his worried mother last month after he went off without telling his family about his plans.

Ms Wren said: "It has been terrible not knowing where he is, so I feel better much better knowing that he is all right.

"I am so pleased because I needed to hear his voice to make sure he is okay.

"Ken is the kind of lad who keeps himself to himself. He said he would be back in touch.

"He tends to roam about and if he wants to go somewhere, he will just go. He tends to just take off.

"He seemed quite chirpy and was talkative."

"He still would not say what he was doing or where he was."

A police spokesman said: "We are just relieved to hear he is safe and well."