A YOUNG mother is calling for secure barriers to be built along a railway line after becoming frightened as she watched children playing on the track.

Tara Horn's fears were heightened after Stuart Adams, 15, and Lee Mullis, 14, were killed on the East Coast Main Line, in Darlington, on Good Friday.

Mrs Horn's house, in Thorntree Gardens, Middleton St George, near the town, backs on to the Darlington to Saltburn line.

She said that for the past two years, there has been unsuitable fencing separating the housing from the railway.

The fencing is raised three feet off the ground and is attracting children to climb underneath.

She said her garden has become a gateway for youngsters seeking to gain access to the tracks.

Mrs Horn, who has a two-year-old son, Joseph, is concerned for his safety.

She is appealing to Network Rail, the operator responsible for maintaining the railway, to take action.

Mrs Horn said: "The fence started to fall down over two years ago and was blown down completely shortly afterwards due to strong winds.

"I made calls to Network Rail straight away but it was 17 months later when they came and all they did was put up two poles and a plank of wood.

"The replacement just isn't safe. It's three feet off the ground and youngsters can easily climb underneath and get on to the railway.

"I'm frightened for the safety of the children in the area and my toddler Joseph. My son is only two-years-old but he is very quick and is always running around. I'm worried he could climb under the fencing and fall on to the track."

Mrs Horn called Network Rail again after it put up the poor replacement last summer. Three months ago, the operator sent a man to her house. He took measurements but she has not heard anything from the operator since.

A spokeswoman for Network Rail said: "I can confirm a request to enhance the current fencing in this location has been submitted.

"However, before any work is carried out a risk assessment has to be completed.

"We have a wide variety of fencing, from metal fencing to wood panels, and the type we erect here will depend on different factors.

"For example, high security fencing would be put up if this part of the line was near to a playground or if many high-speed trains operated here."