POLICE in Darlington are trying to find the owners of seven bicycles which they have recovered from a house in the town and suspect are stolen property.

Officers need the owners to come forward and verify the bikes are stolen before they can prosecute.

The bikes were recovered from an address in Eastbourne and now the officers need the owners to identify them as stolen, before they can prosecute.

The seven men's bikes were discovered in a house in Cobden Street after officers carried out a search warrant.

They are: a blue and silver Apollo Slalom with 18 gears; a gold KT600 dual suspension bike; a black and red Raleigh Jago bike with dual suspension; the blue frame of a Ridgeway bike; a black Marin mountain bike with no suspension; a black Excel mountain bike with grip shift gears; and a plain yellow mountain bike.

PC Gareth Hopps, of Darlington Police, said: "We think they have been stolen from the beginning of the year, but it could be from the back end of last year."

He said the police wanted to charge a 13-year-old and a 14-year-old with handling stolen goods. Contact PC Hopps via 0845 6060 365.