A TEESSIDE firm has bought the rights to sell a unique device designed to reduce the amount of electricity wasted in the home.

Electrisave is owned and run by Yarm-based businessman, John Lane, who has bought the exclusive rights to sell a metre that instantly tells them how much electricity they are using and how much they are wasting.

The device is already used in countries like New Zealand and Australia and it is estimated that consumers could be saving up to 25 per cent on their electricity bills by monitoring the energy they are using in this way.

"The launch of Electrisave is a huge step for the energy industry in the UK thanks to its environmental benefits and, of course, its cost effectiveness," said Melissa Hardy, from Electrisave. We are confident that twelve months from now Electrisave will be a household name."

The meter is currently only available to buy online at www.electrisave.co.uk