TONY BLAIR was rounded on by a disillusioned Labour supporter yesterday as the parties clashed over council tax on the campaign trail.

Jessica Haigh, 20, from Leeds, told the Prime Minister that her family were all staunch Labour supporters but had lost faith in the party since he came to power.

She told Mr Blair that she would be voting Liberal Democrat because of her disillusionment over issues ranging from the Iraq war to globalisation and spin.

The student said it was heartbreaking that his administration had turned into a Conservative Government.

Earlier in the day, Mr Blair had accused Tory leader Michael Howard of "desperate opportunism" when he announced his party would scrap a planned revaluation of seven million homes in England for council tax bands.

Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy highlighted his party's plans to scrap council tax altogether.

But Mr Blair's campaigning hit a hitch in Leeds when shoppers were invited to chat to a "senior minister". Ms Haigh accepted the invitation and when Mr Blair appeared she went on the attack.

She said: "It's not just Iraq, it's everything together. You are promoting globalisation and linking with a foreign government in a foreign war.

"It's the image, it's the spin, it's trying to get the UK to be what the world wants it to be rather than what it can be."

Mr Blair replied: "If you measure any government against perfection, you would vote for someone else. But you must measure us against the alternative, which is the Conservatives."