POLICE are warning householders to keep house and car keys safe following a number of burglaries where property and vehicles were stolen.

In the latest two incidents in Middlesbrough, the thieves broke into the houses by removing or smashing a pane of glass and using the door keys to gain access.

At a house in Oxford Street, the burglars removed a strip of lead beading to get at house keys left in the door.

The raiders stole electrical goods before driving away in the family's cars, which were parked on the drive. Both were abandoned nearby.

In the second incident in Westbourne Road, thieves smashed a door window, grabbed the keys to a Vauxhall Vectra and drove off in the car, which is still missing.

Crime Reduction Officer Sergeant Alfie Bass warned householders to keep their cars and house keys safe.

He said: "Having your house broken into is bad enough but having the thieves take their haul away in your own car can burden the unfortunate householder with even more misery.

"Unfortunately, this is happening all too often. All it takes to prevent it is a little bit of forethought. Don't leave keys on open display or hung up where they are easily accessible to thieves and never, ever leave them in the door."