A SETTLEMENT has been reached in favour of a gay theatre worker who won a tribunal case against his former employers at Durham City Council.

The undisclosed figure was agreed between the council and solicitors for Fausto Gismondi, who claimed constructive dismissal from his job as a bookings manager at Durham's Gala Theatre.

A tribunal recently ruled that the council discriminated against Mr Gismondi, 28, after he was repeatedly referred to as 'gay boy' by his then manager, Ed Tutty.

The Newcastle tribunal said the council's conduct in failing to take steps against Mr Tutty, 'ought to cause them considerable shame'.

It said the process taken by the council was 'an utter shambles', and said it failed in its duty to an employee who had undergone bullying and harassment, contrary to the authority's own policies.

The terms of the settlement prevent either party revealing the compensation figure.

Afterwards Mr Gismondi said: "No one should have to endure that sort of treatment at work, and yet the council failed to do anything to stop the harassment."

The council did discipline Mr Tutty, but only for a minor breach of its equal opportunities policy. It said it continued to review its procedures and would continue to strive to be an equal opportunities employer.