A PRISON visitor was caught trying to smuggle drugs which he had hidden inside his foreskin.

Stephen Anderson had 10 subutex pills - a heroin substitute - tucked inside his private parts when he went to Lincoln jail to visit his brother in August last year.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the secret stash was sniffed out by drugs dogs patrolling the prison and Anderson was arrested.

Prosecutor Lynn Rusell told the court: "The dog alerted officers that the defendant was possibly carrying drugs.

"Officers searched him and a pack of tablets was located under his foreskin."

The 35-year-old, of Grays Cross, Sunderland, put the drugs in his mouth but they were seized before he could swallow them.

He admitted possessing a class c drug with intent.

Anderson told police he had been approached at his home by a man who warned him his brother would be in trouble if he did not smuggle the drugs into jail.

Jamie Adams, defending, said Anderson has an alcohol problem and was drunk when he went to the jail.

Mr Adams said; "He was told his brother was going to be slashed if he did not organise for these drugs to be brought in."

Anderson also pleaded guilty to burglaries at the Central Bar and the Eastenders pub in Sunderland.

Judge Esmond Faulks jailed Anderson for a total of two years.

THe judge said: "It is the policy of the courts to deal severely with anyone caught taking drugs into prison, even whey they are class c."