THIS is the face of the fearless pheasant who is ruffling feathers in a peaceful village.

The Northern Echo reported yesterday how the aggressive male bird has attacked men, women, children, prams, bikes, dogs and even cars in Newsham, North Yorkshire.

It was first seen swaggering around the village, between Richmond and Barnard Castle, in the autumn and has since set about robustly defending its territory.

Yesterday, further tales of woe emerged from Newsham.

Sonia Hall, 65, who was attacked by the pheasant while out for a walk with her twoyear- old grandson, Jacob, said: “When we came out of the post office and set off back to the house, the pheasant darted across the road towards us.

“It started flying low towards my legs and attacked me. It was pecking at me and See reporter Will Roberts on the trail of the terror pheasant at Videoonline FACE OF EVIL: The terror pheasant leers at the camera as he searches for his next victim drew blood. You feel a bit silly looking back, but at the time it was scary.

“Another day it came at me and I whacked it with my handbag. I carry an umbrella around with me now for protection.”

Jillianne James, 52, who lives in the centre of the village, said: “At first we thought he was friendly, but he is actually quite an unpleasant bird. He jumps up at the kids’ school bags. It is worrying how he has gone on to attack people."