SCOTT Mills tweeted about this story from eight years ago yesterday, so for all those asking about it, here it is.

A NATIONAL radio DJ was caught up in a pub brawl after a train mishap left him stranded in a North-East town.

BBC Radio 1’s Scott Mills recalled his encounter with fractious Darlington natives to breakfast show listeners yesterday.

Mills was travelling from Newcastle to London on New Year’s Day when he was asked to leave the train in Darlington because he had the wrong ticket.

The 35-year-old told listeners that he and a group of friends went to a pub to pass the time until the next southbound train.

However, things soon turned sour.

He said: “There was a fight, at about 3pm. Some bloke had said he didn’t like someone’s hair or something and there was a massive fight. We were just keeping our heads down.”

He said the fight came to an end when Starship’s 1987 hit Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now began playing on the jukebox.

He said: “About five minutes afterwards, everyone just carried on singing and dancing, arms in the air like nothing had happened – the middle of the afternoon, all big burly men and women.”

He did not name the pub, but said it was the one “nearest the train station”.

Mills, who normally hosts the radio station’s drivetime show, is filling in for longstanding breakfast show host Chris Moyles.

The show attracts a regular audience of seven million people.

Michelle Woodford, who runs Hogans, in Victoria Road, near the station, said she was unaware of any incident at the time of the fight Mills was involved in.

She said: “There was an incident at about 7pm, and a bit of a domestic at about 6pm, but nothing at the time he is saying.

“Name a pub that doesn’t have a bit of chew on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. We had a very good atmosphere, we had a lot of strangers in, as you do at that time of the year, but we had a lot of regulars in as well.

“I would have known if anything else had happened. All we had was those two incidents later on.”

An employee of the Grey Horse Inn, on the Neasham Road side of the station, said he was also unaware of any trouble on New Year’s Day.