THE David Tennant era may be over, but one Dr Who fan is determined to carry on the tenth Doctor’s legacy.

Rob Baines, a teenage filmmaker with a passion for adventures in time and space, writes, directs, films and appears in his own “alternative reality” versions of the time lord’s adventures.

And as the tenth Doctor regenerated into the 11th last night, Darlington student Rob was already planning his own series of webisodes for a growing audience on YouTube.

He already has some of the Doctor’s best known props, including a sonic screwdriver, and does an excellent impersonation of David Tennant’s mannerisms for his own films.

And for Christmas his parents gave him a life-sized Tardis.

The Tardis was lovingly crafted by Rob’s father, Ian, and took more than 30 hours to make.

Rob’s mother, Brenda, said: “It was a total surprise for Rob. Ian kept it at work and made it after hours and on Sunday mornings. We had the paint specially mixed and the clear plastic sign made. There is a light inside and a flashing light on top.”

Mrs Baines said 16-year-old Rob was delighted with the Tardis.

She said: “These major props will obviously come in very handy with his filming projects. He was very happy.”

Rob, a student at Hummersknott School, Darlington, also has a suit and overcoat similar to one worn by outgoing doctor David Tennant, which were made-to-measure in Shanghai, China, and shipped to the UK.

The latest props join Rob’s extensive collection at the family’s home in Darlington.

As well as digital camera and editing software, Rob has a green screen that allows him to create spectacular special effects, as well as a replica of the central hub inside the Tardis, which was also made by his father.

He also has numerous costumes and other memorabilia to help him create his films, which have been shot in Darlington as well as on the family holiday in Spain in the summer last year.

Rob, who aims to study art and media at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College next year, has recruited his friends, his girlfriend and even his parents as actors in his films.

Rob, who started creating films when he was 13, said: “I would like to get into the film or TV business or maybe acting.

“I just really enjoy it. You have to experiment and find out what works and what doesn’t. I try to make it look as realistic as possible.”

As well as Doctor Who stories, Rob is working on other projects, many of which he has uploaded to video website YouTube.

Mrs Baines said she was very proud of her son’s dedication, and added: “We are totally supportive of Rob. Whatever he needs, he will get. His films are really excellent and we are so proud of him.”

‘A hard act to follow’

ROB was glued to his television set for the last episode of David Tennant’s stint as Doctor Who.

He said: “I thought the story was very very good. I thought it had really good elements of humour and everything.

“The acting was amazing, especially by David Tennant and John Simm (who played the Master), because I think the writers of Doctor Who really tried to push them at the end and I thought that was really good.

“I also liked it when the Doctor was going back to see all his past companions. I thought that was a very good touch for the end of the series.

“It was a really good end to the series. David Tennant has definitely been the best Doctor, he’s been really inspirational to me in my filming.

“I’m going to carry on watching it though. I’m sad that David Tennant’s leaving and I think (incoming Doctor) Matt Smith has got a lot to do if he wants to be as good.”