A FIVE-YEAR-OLD boy has been found after going missing for almost 12 hours.

Rhys Moorhead was last seen playing in his grandparents' garden at Celandine Close in Marton, Middlesbrough on his red and orange bike at 9.30am this morning.

Following a major police search all day officers announced that the youngster had been found this evening.

Little Rhys went missing from Celadine Close, in Marton, a smart suburb of Middlesbrough.

He was found in the Berwick Hills area of Middlesbrough, which is approximately three miles away from Marton.

He had been riding his bicycle and is said to be 'safe and well'.

Inspector Gary Fernandez of Cleveland Police said: "He was found on the street in Berwick Hills.

"He did have a bike. He is safe and well."

His family were celebrating his discovery, and his father shouted: "They've found him!".

The home in Celadine Close is a detached property, in a quiet cul-de-sac.

Great-uncle Brian Moorhead, 57, of Middlesbrough, said: "Rhys is always around his grandparents home.

"He visits them a lot and they love spending time with him."

Brian said Rhys's mother is Melanie Moorhead, and Rhys's father is called Michael.