A TELEVISION crew is in the region filming for the new series of Channel 4’s Time Team.

The show, presented by actor Tony Robinson, explores archaeological sites across the UK.

The team is spending three days at Piercebridge, near Darlington, in the hope of shedding new light on the workings of the area’s Roman fort.

Mr Robinson said the search unearthed several artifacts.

“We have found a little lead goat and a beautiful hairpin – nothing of value but they tell us so much about the Roman way of life,” he said. “We have visited this area several times. Darlington has been our base for about five or six digs – it is a very fruitful area.

“The weather has been wonderful and we really could not have been anywhere better than Piercebridge.

“It all comes to life on days like this. The River Tees is full of character.”

He added: “We’ve had a great time. I even noticed a house in the village is up for sale, which made me think twice about going home.”

The episode will be screened next year.