A SHOCK Ministry of Defence UFO file reveals that a North Yorkshire town was a hot-spot for alien visitors in 2008.

A mysterious flying object was seen five times in the skies above Scarborough from early July until the end of August last year.

The sightings above the coastal town, and one above nearby Malton, were six of the UFO incidents out of 285 logged by the MoD in 2008.

A cork shaped object that glowed like an angel and flew over trees was seen in Scarborough on July 11 at 11.30pm.

Then just 24 hours later at 11.52pm on July 12 a white pea pod shaped object was seen in the skies above Scarborough.

A new UFO was spotted over Scarborough at 2.14am on July 14 when a fiery star shape was seen flying before disappearing.

Then at 11.55am on August 29 a black rectangular object was seen that wobbled in the sky before moving out of sight over Scarborough.

This was followed at 11pm on August 30 by an orange circular object spotted flying above the town.

Finally in North Yorkshire circles of white lights with fire inside each of them were seen above Malton at 10.55pm on September 20.

They were described as being like hang-gliders but totally silent and they were in formation with the last object having a red light.

The MoD dossier is available to view on-line via www.mod.uk and it contains UFO sightings from the length and breadth of the UK.

It includes a craft with green, red and white lights which was seen hovering statically above the Houses of Parliament for one and a half hours on February 12.