A woman made a false rape claim against her former partner because she was angry at the way she had been treated by men.

Adelyn Marsden told police in a call on July 31 that her ex boyfriend Lee Smith had tried to rape her.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 22-year-old provided a detailed statement to officers about her ordeal which led to Mr Smith's arrest and interview at a police station the following day.

It was three weeks later Marsden contacted the police again and admitted she had told them lies.

Prosecutor Tony Glover told the court: "She stated she had lied to the police and that Lee Smith had not tried to rape her.

"SHe said they had been in a relationship for about seven months and she had been badly treated by him.

"She said she had been badly treated by men in general and was angry about that.

"There was a rather rambling explanation."

Marsden, of Urban Gardens, Washington, admitted perverting the course of justice.

Defence barrister Julian Smith said Marsden was immature and had not realised the gravity of what she had done.

He added: "She is genuinely remorseful for the time she has wasted, the inconvenience caused and the the harm she did."

Mr Smith said since the incident Marsen and Mr Smith are now back together.

Mr Recorder Hatton sentenced Marsden to 30 weeks imprisonement suspended for two years with 12 months supervision.

The judge told her: "Interfering with the course of justice is a serious matter and can lead to all sorts, as it could have done in this case, of trauma for those falsely arrested and falsely accused."