A CALENDAR featuring trains was unveiled at a North-East station yesterday Next year’s Railway Mission calendar has been sponsored by Alex Nelson, station master at Chester-le- Station.

He has donated £10,000 and secured £2,800 to produce 43,000 copies to be distributed among railway staff.

They feature images of trains with impressive backgrounds at various locations around the country.

Mr Nelson, from Chester-le-Street, said: “I am very happy with the way it looks.

“There is a lot of fascination with the rail network and it not just the staff.

There is a great deal of enthusiasm among the public as well.

“This calendar has achieved cult status and is something people look forward to every year.

Each page features information about Chester-le-Street Railway Station and a quote from the Bible.

Fourteen railway chaplains will carry the calendars with them and hand them out during the course of their work visiting staff offering them advice and guidance.