Richmondshire Rugby Club has seen parents leave the sidelines to set up their own team, following funding from a local housing association.

A grant from Broadacres housing association enabled a new kit to be bought for parents who were now keen on taking part in the club's activities.

These parents, once merely spectators on the sidelines for the junior leagues, felt they were missing out and as a result, mothers started attending fitness sessions with the women's team while fathers created a squad to compete with other veterans' teams regionally.

The Richmond club operates teams from under 7 to under 16, for men and women and now veterans.

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Nearly 40 parents have signed up, and, thanks to the support from Broadacres Community Development Fund, they can now sport matching rugby kits.

Team member Keith Rushforth said: "It’s well known that men over 40 can be prone to depression and isolation especially ex-military and those living alone.

"Being part of a team helps break down barriers. It has enormous social benefits as well as being good exercise.

"You might get a bit slower, but you never lose your love of the game.

The Broadacres Fund supports local organisations, groups, and projects where Broadacres maintains homes.