A County Durham McDonald's store has closed its drive-thru as a result of renovation works not being fully completed after opening.

McDonald's Consett, located on Pond Court, is covered in scaffolding as work, which the fast food giants say will be completed soon, is carried out to finish panelling the roof.

The scaffolding extends to the left of the store where the drive-thru is situated and has resulted in the closing of the drive-thru less than two weeks after the store reopened following a three-month refurbishment.

A McDonald’s Spokesperson said: “Since the reopening, the final part of completion was the installation of the outer roof panels. They have since arrived and are in the process of being installed.

"The work is close to being complete and we apologise to our customers for the short closure of the drive-thru”.

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The refurbishment was initially planned for October 2023, but faced delays before commencing in March 2024, leaving Consett residents without the American fast food chain for three months.