It is set to be a wet and rainy day from dawn until dusk across County Durham and Darlington today as the Met Office predicts downpours set to last all day.

It continues to be a cruel summer across the North East as sunshine stays at bay and rain continues to dominate the forecast.

Today, there is more than a 95% chance that it will rain from 9am to 2pm, lowering to 60% and declining thereafter. 

Temperatures will stay mild and reach a high of 16C, but is set to be balanced out by a "cool breeze".

Following this wet start to the week, the forecaster has also stated that “further outbreaks of rain and drizzle” will remain on Wednesday.

Here’s a full hour-by-hour forecast today.

9am: 13C with >95% chance of rain

10am: 13C with >95% chance of rain

11am: 13C with >95% chance of rain

12pm: 13C with >95% chance of rain

1pm: 14C with >95% chance of rain

2pm: 14C with 90% chance of rain

3pm: 15C with 60% chance of rain

4pm: 16C with 60% chance of rain

5pm: 16C with 50% chance of rain

6pm: 16C with 50% chance of rain

7pm: 16C with 40% chance of rain

8pm: 16C with 40% chance of rain

9pm: 16C with 10% chance of rain

10pm: 16C with 10% chance of rain

11pm: 16C with 10% chance of rain

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The forecaster predicts: “A bright start in the far north, before cloud and outbreaks of rain, locally heavy, moves northwards during the day.

“Rain gradually clearing from southern parts of the region by evening, with perhaps some late brightness developing. Breezy and cool. Maximum temperature 16 °C.”