A new robotics business based in Blyth, Northumberland has developed an ‘intelligent floor’ to boost productivity in UK warehouses.

With plans to expand on an international scale, the concept for VersaTile has been entirely conceived in Blyth. The team hopes the business will become a significant employer in the area, bringing new career opportunities to the community in AI, software, technology development, engineering and manufacturing sectors.

VersaTile is led by the team behind Tharsus Group – one of the UK’s largest advanced manufacturing firms – which has decades of experience in delivering progressive automation solutions for many businesses worldwide, including Rolls Royce, Ocado, and BMW.

Using artificial intelligence, VersaTile’s technology is a modular automation system for fulfilment centres, revolutionising warehouse environments by moving products using a dynamic tiling system that knows precisely where goods are and is capable of moving materials instantly, doubling the productivity and requiring only half of the space of traditional warehouse systems.

The system is also self-learning based on built-in AI capabilities and can respond to unpredictable changes in real-time without changes needed to existing infrastructure.

Joni Rautavuori, CEO of VersaTile, said: “Supply Chains are under tremendous pressure to meet ever-changing customer demands for shorter delivery times, higher flexibility and lower cost in a sustainable manner. Lack of productivity development and availability of labour is adding to this challenge, particularly in UK.

"Current warehouse operations are creaking under the pressure and warehouse employees are under greater strain than ever. Having Wincanton, a leading supply chain company in the UK, as our first customer shows the credibility of VersaTile technology and the trust in our experienced team behind it.”