Firefighters are battling a large fire at a former pub in Consett this evening.

The A692 has been closed around the old Castleside Inn and Golden Chippy building.

Pictures from the scene show smoke billowing from the roof and a lot of emergency services at the scene dealing with the blaze.

The A692 is closed between Dunelm Road and Holly Gardens.

There is currently no estimated time when the fire will be put out and the road re-opened.

Pictures from the scene:

(Image: Michelle Welch) (Image: Michelle Welch)

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Motorists will have to find alternative routes if they are hoping to travel through the area.

A Durham Police spokesperson said: "The A692 between The Grove and Moorside at Consett is currently closed due to an on-going incident being managed by County Durham & Darlington Fire & Rescue Service, at the site of the old Castleside Inn & Golden Chippy.

"The road is temporarily closed between Dunelm Road and Holly Gardens to allow the Fire service to deal in a safe manner. No time frame is currently known for the closure."