Slippery roads and poor conditions have been criticised concerning the death of a much-loved teen, who was travelling on County Durham road just before Christmas. 

Sonny Farrier, 18, from Walker in Newcastle, died in early December last year, when the van he was travelling in slid out of control on Butsfield Lane, locally known as Bogle Hole Lane, in Consett. 

Ice had caused the vehicle to skid down the road and hit a tree. When Sonny and his father, Lar, exited the vehicle, the teenager was struck by a car and sadly passed away at the scene. 

Coroner Jeremy Chipperfield has asked now Durham County Council to" effectively mitigate" slippery conditions on the lane, in a Prevention of Future Deaths report. 

Butsfield Lane includes a hill with a 21 percent gradient, and a bend immediately following the slope. 

In his report, coroner Mr Chipperfield wrote: "Having disembarked from the van, the deceased was struck by a car travelling in the same direction, a few minutes after the van; at the point of collision, the car was also out of control due to slippery conditions on the same stretch of Butsfield Lane.

"On the same day, at least two further independent incidents of loss of vehicular control were caused by slippery conditions on the same stretch of Butsfield Lane.

"In slippery conditions, and in the absence of effective mitigation, the passage of vehicular traffic along this stretch of Butsfield Lane presents a hazard and risk of death to road users."

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Sonny's heartbroken mother, Haley, paid tribute to him, saying he was "the best person you could possibly imagine", saying that "everyone absolutely loved him" for his ability to click with anyone, and his sense of humour. 

Sonny was an apprentice plumber and gas fitter, and was an avid fan of Newcastle United, holding a season ticket at St James' Park. 

Mark Readman, Durham County Council’s head of highways, said: “Our thoughts and condolences are with Mr Farrier’s family. We will respond to the coroner’s report following careful consideration of the concerns raised.”

Durham County Council are now under a duty to respond to the coroner by the end of August, with an account of the action taken, a plan of what action they will take, or reasons why action will not be taken.