A teenager who has admitted fatally stabbing man has denied inflicting one of his wounds saying: "I have never stabbed anyone in the back."

The 17-year-old pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Lee Clarkson after he was dragged from his home before being beaten and stabbed to death.

Five people were charged with the murder of the 42-year-old after he bled to death outside his Bishop Auckland home late last year.

A post-mortem examination revealed that he had died as a result of blood loss after being stabbed in the abdomen.

Police outside the house on West Lane, Bishop Auckland, where Lee Clarkson was killed.Police outside the house on West Lane, Bishop Auckland, where Lee Clarkson was killed. (Image: TERRY BLACKBURN)

Under cross-examination from the defence barrister of the teenager’s co-accused Michael Richardson, Christopher Tehrani KC, the murder accused maintained that he only stabbed the alleged victim twice.

Mr Tehrani asked: “How did Mr Clarkson suffer a stab wound to the back?” The teenager replied: “I stabbed him in the chest. I don’t know who did the other one because I have never stabbed anyone in the back.”

And under cross examination from prosecution barrister, Richard Wright KC, the teenager admitted stabbing Mr Clarkson while he was laid on the ground being attacked by other members of the alleged group.

Mr Wright asked: “He was laid on his back fighting for his life, was that where he was when you stabbed him?” He replied: “Yes.”

He continued: “He wasn’t running away or trying to attack you?” The teenager replied: “No.”

The barrister asked: “He didn’t have a weapon, did he?” Again, the teenager replied: “No.”

He continued: “How did he suffer the wound to his back?” The accused said: “I don’t know.”

Lee ClarksonLee Clarkson (Image: DURHAM CONSTABULARY)

Earlier in the trial, the teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: “I bent over him and stabbed him twice while he was laid on the ground.”

His barrister, Simon Kealey KC, asked: “What was going through your mind when you stabbed him?”

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“I was scared – I didn’t know what I was doing,” he replied. “I didn’t mean to kill him or cause him serious harm – I was just trying to scare him.”

Michael Richardson, 52, of Boddy Street, Bishop Auckland; Karl Jones, 45, of General Bucher Court, Bishop Auckland; Helen Jones, 43, of General Bucher Court, Bishop Auckland; Craig Dent, 42, of Gray Street, Eldon Lane; and the teenager; are all on trial for murder.

Two members of the group, Dent and the 17-year-old have admitted manslaughter but continue to deny murder of Mr Clarkson outside his home on West Lane, Bishop Auckland, on November 29 last year.

The murder trial continues.