Newly-elected Stockton West MP Matt Vickers has spoken of his "huge disappointment" after the Labour won a landslide victory across the North East. 

It looked as though the Red Wall was set to be rebuilt brick by brick across the region on Thursday as results trickled in from constituencies. 

Darlington, Bishop Auckland, Newton Aycliffe and Spennymoor, were just some of the areas where Tory MPs elected in 2019 were ousted by Labour in a brutal bloodbath for the Conservatives. 

But at about 4.30am, a shock result from Stockton West saw Matt Vickers re-elected with 20,372 votes, compared to Labour's Joe Dancey, who came in second with 18,233.

The news - which prompted a huge roar of applause in the Thornaby Pavillion - meant Mr Vickers was the only Tory MP remaining on Teesside and across the North East. 

Speaking to The Northern Echo after the event, he argued that the national picture contributed to the loss of the Tory seats on Teesside - with Jacob Young, Simon Clarke, and Peter Gibson among those ousted. 

He said: "It is hugely disappointing for my colleagues, some who I know have worked very very hard for the people and the residents in their area.

"Disappointed that the national situation has led to them losing their seats, [they are] really hard working people. 

"The other thing that makes me very sad is that, often we talk about MPs losing their seats. Well, people can like politicians or not like politicians.

"But underneath every one of those politicians is a team of staff, of case workers, of people who go the extra mile to help people, vulnerable people, in their hour of need.

"Those case workers, those researchers, those staff have also lost their jobs tonight. I am delighted that my guys are still in jobs but that is a real sad part of the mix that people don't get to know about."


'Plenty to do'

This was the first General Election for the newly formed Stockton West, after a parliamentary boundary review in 2023. 

The seat - which is largely made up of the former Stockton South - has regularly changed hands over the years, with Mr Vickers being in control since 2019 after securing a majority. 

On Thursday, Mr Vickers' majority over Labour was 2,139. 

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When asked by The Echo about what his first steps will be next week, Mr Vickers explained: "There are quite a few [tasks] - we have tried to keep on top of the inbox but there are probably a lot of missions in that inbox.

"We've met lots of people in the new parts of the constituency, because of course the boundaries have changed. Lots of issues there, trying to help them have bus services...

"But it is more about delivering the stuff we have already got like that training hub, like those Freeport business jobs. There is plenty to do."