Labour have won in North Northumberland for the first time in history.

David Smith won the seat with 17,855 votes, beating incumbent Berwick Conservative MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan by more than 5,000 ballots.

It is the second Northumbrian seat of the night to turn from solid Tory to Labour, following Hexham which elected its first Labour MP in 100 years this morning.

The Labour Party has completed an unprecedented clean sweep across Northumberland after winning the new North Northumberland constituency.

The party had never held the former Berwick constituency, which makes up the majority of North Northumberland, at any point in history. But in a historic night across the county and indeed the country, Labour’s David Smith swept to victory.

The homelessness charity boss received 17,855 votes, while Conservative incumbent Anne-Marie Trevelyan came second with 12,788. Ms Trevelyan previously won a majority of 14,385 in Berwick at the 2019 election.

Speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, Mr Smith declined to promise to deliver the A1 dualling project – but did vow to make the case for the scheme.

He said: “It has not been delivered for 14 years. There are low expectations about promises that are made on it.

“The first time I say anything about it being delivered, is when I know it will get done. I will fight for it – I can’t promise anything, but I will fight for it, in a Labour Government.

“I feel absolutely elated and privileged to be elected as the member of parliament for North Northumberland. It’s a historic moment for the Labour Party.

“I’m encouraged by the majority. We didn’t take anything for granted, we knew it would be tight and we had to fight for every vote – that’s how it should be, it’s about earning the trust of your electorate.

“We’re a changed party and you can see from the results coming in that people understand that.”

Asked about the main issues in the area, Mr Smith continued: “For me there’s a real issue in the way the housing crisis affects North Northumberland, there is a lack of affordable homes and a lack of social housing. That directly links to my background.

“Education in the county is a challenge, including the lack of SEND provision. Beyond that, it is the same issues that everyone is facing – the cost of living crisis, the struggle to get GP appointments and access to services generally.”

Ms Trevelyan saw her vote squeezed by Reform UK, with the party’s candidate Katherine Hales taking home 7,688 votes.

She said: “I think it’s frustrating to see very low turnout. There is no love for Keir Starmer at all.

“The Reform surge that we have seen across the North East is one we all need to understand and find solutions for. These things are not easy to solve, but we were solving it.

“The voters have contributed to a large Labour majority, which is less likely to give them what they want. My concern is Labour will ignore those Reform voters.”

Elsewhere, the Liberal Democrats’ candidate Natalie Younes received 5,169 votes while Independent candidate Georgina Hill received 3,220 votes.

The Northumberland county councillor said: “The Tories have booted it, but the results reflect anti-Tory sentiment rather than pro-Labour. I’m personally very pleased with receiving more than 3,000 votes.

“Independents aren’t going anywhere. Tonight has shown people still need independent voices.

“Labour will fail in Government because they will fail to address the main issues.”

The Green Party received 1,743 votes, Independent Michael Joyce got 288, and the SDP’s Andrew Martin got 92.

North Northumberland Results

  • Katherine Hayley (REF) - 7,688
  • Georgina Hill (IND) - 3,220
  • Michael Joyce (IND) - 288
  • Andrew Martin (SDP) - 92
  • Jan Rosen (GRN) - 1,743
  • David Smith (LAB) - 17,855
  • Anne-Marie Trevelyan (CON) - 12,788
  • Natalie Younes (LDEM) - 5,169