Count Binface believes that he can win tonight against Rishi Sunak in Richmond and Northallerton.

The celebrity candidate was greeted by a crowd of journalists when he entered the counting hall.

Count Binface described how he thought the Daily Telegraph was having a "meltdown" at the exit poll.

He told journalists that he believes he has a chance just as good as Rishi Sunak's of winning the election.

Count Binface said: "My chances are about as good as Rishi's.

"The Daily Telegraph looks like it is in a complete meltdown tonight."

The internet celebrity met fellow independent candidate Niko Omilana in the hallway outside the count where they both congratulated each other on their campaigns.

Watch the video here:

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Count Binface observed that both men had run in the London Mayoral election.

They ended the meeting with a handshake.

The count said: "Independent politics, we love it."

Meanwhile, Count Binface introduced himself to the PA news agency as an “intergalactic space warrior, big fan of Ceefax and parliamentary candidate for the constituency of Richmond and Northallerton”.

Asked about his chances in the constituency where the Prime Minister is defending his seat, Binface told PA: “This time, not so sure. I think I am confident of victory, not numerically, but poetically and morally I think the triumph is mine, certainly compared to Rishi soon-axed.

“Let’s just say he has brought an electoral asteroid upon the Conservative party and I am enjoying watching it smash.”

Not long after speaking to PA, Count Binface met fellow candidate Niko Omilana, a YouTuber, and his entourage who were dressed in suits and wearing undersized green and orange sunglasses.

The two candidates exchanged some mostly warm words and embraced before going their separate ways.