A family-run escape room and coffee shop is planned to come to a North East town in future.

A Place to Escape is planned to open on West Terrace in Redcar town centre, though the owner, Lisa Rigg, 48, from Marske, has said work is reliant on funding through the Redcar Town Deal.

The new venue is aiming to open on the August Bank Holiday weekend, while Mrs Rigg will be assisted by her daughters Amelia, 18, and Chloe, 16.

She said the idea arose after she and her daughters, who are all big fans of escape rooms, visited one and thought they could do the concept better.

(Image: Lisa Rigg)

Mrs Rigg said: “There isn’t anything in Redcar and Cleveland local to us so it was an ideal time.

“There’s lots of activity going on in Redcar at the moment, so we thought it would be a good time to join the bandwagon and improve leisure.

“We decided to look for a property and we’ve identified one in the centre of Redcar. We’re just keen that we make the next step further than some of our competitors.

“We’re all super excited to bring it to Redcar. We’re getting lots and lots of positive feedback.”

She added the venue is planned to be accessible to those with disabilities and special educational needs (SEN).

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She also said the venue has already received lots of people registering their interest and believes the venture will prove popular with residents.

The escape room will feature five different game space rooms, varying on abilities and themes – including a prison break room, and a cursed Hollywood dressing room.

The venue is planned to have both an accessible games room and coffee shop on the ground floor.