Young performers from a County Durham dance group are all set to shine in their annual showcase over the next three nights.

The Joanne Banks Dancers, from Spennymoor, will take the stage at the Darlington Hippodrome, with shows scheduled for tonight (Thursday, July 4), Friday and Saturday (July 5 and 6).

A dress rehearsal was held at the Hippodrome last night (July 3) ahead of their first performance today.

(Image: Sarah Caldecott)

Joanne, 53, managing director of the group, said the performances are a culmination of the dancers' hard work throughout the year.

She added it was an opportunity for students to show the progress they have made in front of their family and friends.

She said: “The performance is sort of like the annual culmination of all of the work that we’ve done across the year, and an opportunity for the students to perform for their friends and family, and to show the progress that they’ve made across the year.

(Image: Sarah Caldecott)

“The show has all aspects of performing arts involved, it’s mostly dance but we do have some singing and acting in there as well.

“It’s an extravaganza of dance and performing arts. It’s an awful lot of work for me and my team, and all of the students that are involved, it’s the sort of highlight of our year.

“It’s the one time we get to take over the Darlington Hippodrome and make it our own for a few days. Everybody’s very excited.”

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This year’s production is called ‘Electric Energy’ and has a throughline theme of disco, opening with a disco track and ending on the same note.

She added the performances will features songs ranging from disco hits to current chart toppers – and dances will showcase styles such as ballet, tap, modern jazz, lyrical, musical theatre, pop dance, and acrobatics.

Some of the tracks to be featured include Funky Town, I Feel Love, You Make Me Feel Mighty Real, You Should Be Dancing, and many more.

The show will start at 7pm each evening. Tickets are £18 (plus booking fee). To book tickets, click here.