Grahame Morris, of the Labour Party has been reelected MP for Easington, with the reform candidate, Lynn Murphy, coming in second place. 

Mr Morris won 16,774 votes, out of a total 34,396 in a fight to retain his County Durham seat. 

But it got tense during his acceptance speech at Consett Leisure Centre, when boos broke out from the Reform factions. 

Grahame said: "It is a disappointment to me that Reform have raised the spectre of division. In our communities where it has become normal to ostracise and ridicule people, and I think its a bit of an indictment of the process really."

Responding to boos from the Reform crowd, Mr Morris said: "I'm afraid that kind of response is really quite typical of what I've come to expect. I do hope bitter experience will teach you some better manners over time."


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Ms Murphy, Reform hopeful, said: "Thank you to everyone came out and voted today, who put their faith in me to bring positive change.

"It looks like we may need a wait a little longer for those changes.

"But I will continue to be dignified, and fight for the residents of this constituency."

Full results for Easington

LAB: Grahame Morris 16,774
Con: Joanne Howey 3753
Ref: Lynne Murphy 10232
GR: Stephen Ashfield 1173
LD: Tony Ferguson 881
North East Party: Mary Cartwright 1581

34,396 votes were cast in Easington in total, for a turnout of 49.55%.