Plans to build 71 houses in Consett are set to be rejected by Durham County Council on Wednesday.

The new development would have featured seven two-bedroom bungalows, three three-bedroom bungalows, 33 three-bedroom houses, and 28 four-bedroom houses, with 183 private parking bays, and 24 visitor bays, alongside electric vehicle charging points.

Located on the land northwest of Duchy Close, Consett, the project by Genesis Ltd. involved a mix of bungalows and houses and appears on the agenda at Durham County Council's planning committee meeting on July 3.

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Concerns were raised regarding the visual impact of the development and loss of recreational space.

Locals voiced worries over potential traffic congestion and the capacity of schools and GP surgeries in the area.

A committee report for Durham County Council concluded that the project does not meet the necessary requirements for achieving sustainable development.

Currently an open landscaped space, the 7.03-hectare proposed site used to be part of the former Consett Steelworks.

The decision is scheduled to be made at a council meeting this Wednesday.