Seaham is home to a range of incredible restaurants and cafes which are all routinely inspected by the Food Standards Agency throughout the year.

We have looked through the most recent food hygiene ratings and found the five worst-rated eateries in Seaham.

The ratings, which are based on hygiene and safety, structural compliance and confidence in management are routinely updated.

Across the UK, every food outlet including convenience stores, restaurants, hospitals and care homes are given a hygiene rating.

In the North East and North Yorkshire, the vast majority of takeaways and restaurants continue to receive a rating of three or above.

But there are a number that are identified as causes for concern which must either make "urgent" or "major" improvements.

What each hygiene rating means

0 - Urgent Improvement Necessary
1 - Major Improvement Necessary
2 - Some Improvement Necessary
3 - Hygiene Standards Generally Satisfactory
4 - Hygiene Standards Good
5 - Hygiene Standards Very Good

All ratings are as listed by the FSA on its website at the time of creating this list on Friday, June 28, 2024.

Here's the list of the worst-rated Seaham eateries:

O Star

Eastlea Stores

2 Enfield Road, Seaham, SR7 8EG

Inspected on November 10, 2023.

Two Star

Nest Fisheries

Ropery Walk, Seaham, SR7 7JZ

Inspected on February 2, 2024.


56 Ambleside Avenue, Seaham, SR7 0HY

Inspected on February 20, 2024.

Premier - Princess Convenience Store

67 Princess Road, Seaham, SR7 7QT

Inspected on May 8, 2024.

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Inspected on July 27 2022.