Readers have been sharing their memories of Thunder Thursday, one of the worst storms ever in recent memory, which occurred 12 years ago today (Friday, June 28).

The storm saw two months' rain pour in just one day, causing significant disruption and chaos across the region.

Helen Churchill recalls the day distinctly. "I remember it well, I was on call that day, worst storm I have encountered," she said.

(Image: Diane Laverick)

Sharon Gardiner, a photographer from Lanchester, shared some pictures from the day of the storm in the village with The Northern Echo.

(Image: Sharon Gardiner)

They show extensive flooding on the village's main road with emergency services in attendance while members of the public look on in shock.

(Image: Sharon Gardiner)

"Six hours stuck on the Felling bypass with Lainey after my Freeman appointment and the man carrying her in her pram through the massive floods to get to the car," Laura Strickland said.

Meanwhile, Ann Grayson said: "My courtesy car was written off because of the hailstones."

(Image: Sarah Turner)

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Marie Arkley also had her plans disrupted, "Was on our way to see Peter Kay, was just opposite [The Tyne Bridge] when the lightning struck.

"We never got to see him, there were cars stranded everywhere and in some areas, the water was up to their roof."