Kynren has confirmed the return of a flock of actors as resident geese will once again take the stage in performances starting July 27.

The feathery thespians have been thrilling audiences by the thousands since their show debut in 2016 with the web-footed actors set to waddle onto the seven-and-a-half-acre outdoor stage once again.

Far from 'winging it', the performance comes as a result of weeks of dedicated training by a team that works to ready the geese for their moments under the spotlight.

(Image: Kynren)

Laurie Robinson, director of cavalry and estates at Kynren, looks after the animals participating in the show.

She said: "To ensure they are show-ready, the geese undergo training every Tuesday evening.

"Our crew of 1,000 learn to interpret the geese's body language and how their own behaviour influences the birds' movement."

The geese at Kynren, contrary to most people's assumptions, are incredibly friendly, so much so, they've helped several folks overcome their fear of birds.

Featuring in both the Georgian Harvest scene and the finale, Robinson added: "They really steal the scene, and it's a joy to see the audience's response when they're on stage."

The geese have a year-round residence at the Kynren site including a spacious house and a lake for their daily swims.

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Karen Brass, an animal team leader at Kynren, has been working with the geese since 2019.

She said: "The geese feel right at home here.

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"They love running around in the grounds, and it's a joy to watch them waddle around together – quite a loyal bunch they are."

The geese also hold a prominent role in Kynren's pre-show entertainment, Return of the Vikings, ambling through a reconstructed 9th century village.

If that gets your feathers ruffled, ticket prices start from £26 for adults and £16 for under 18s.

Visit to book tickets and gander at more information.