An 'epic' drone light show is set to light up the skies at Chester-le-Street's Seat Unique Riverside Stadium this September.

Presented by Celestial, a renowned drone light show creator, in collaboration with local experiences company Yuup and Seat Unique Riverside Stadium, Evolution offers a 'unique blend of technology and creativity'.

The event comes to the region on September 21 and 22 as part of a tour including other dates in Birmingham and Southampton.

A narrated story called 'Evolution' starts with the Big Bang and the origins of conscious life on Earth, weaving themes of transformation, growth, and change.

(Image: Celestial)

Celestial founder & CEO, John Hopkins said: "Evolution has been four years in the making.

"This is so much more than a drone light show, it’s an experience of stadium scale, created to bring audiences together using a new medium, the sky, to tell the story of time."

Evolution has reportedly drawn large crowds during previous sell-out shows in Bristol, Cardiff, and the East Midlands.

Dominic Mills, founder and CEO of Yuup, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Celestial and mentioned another milestone.

Mr Mills said: "Our shows have now been viewed by 60,000 people and the show is now even bigger and better with more drones and a much longer show time than our early productions."

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Durham Cricket venue director, Rob Warren said: "Seat Unique Riverside is a brilliant location, and it’s great to use our venue for something different.

"This show is a new and exciting concept, and we can’t wait to experience it in our city."

The evening begins at 6.30pm with food and drink vendors available, and a live DJ playing music ahead of the official start time of 8.15pm.

For those interested in securing early bird tickets for this event, they are available until July 19 on at £14.00 per adult and £10.00 for children and concessions.

Full price tickets after that will be £17.00 per adult and £13.00 for children and concessions.