A company providing swimming lessons to County Durham children is hoping to expand. 

Plans to create a new pop-up swimming pool in Consett have been submitted by Swim Excellence. 

Rachelle Vipond, the applicant, has outlined her ambition to provide bespoke lessons for the disabled from a vacant unit within the Werdohl Business Park, part of the Number One Industrial Estate in Consett. 

“A lack of available, private space to carry out such coaching activities, along with the success of the business since developing its own space in 2019 is the driver for this application,” she said. 

Where the new facility could be built, in ConsettWhere the new facility could be built, in Consett (Image: Google)

Nearby units are currently occupied by a children’s nursery and other businesses. 

Ms Vipond added: “Swim Excellence, has been established for a number of years, offering private swimming coaching for all ages and abilities

“The concept of ‘pop-up’ pools in locations offering smaller scale and more intimate swim coaching experiences is gaining popularity and the application site offers many advantages in terms of scale, location, and neighbouring uses.”

Up to four people will use the proposed pool at any one time. 

The Swim Excellence programme is currently delivered at venues across the North East.

A statement added: “The application site would offer significant benefits to the business in that in rented venues, pool time is limited and not always private, and costs are high.  There are limited alternatives in Consett to enable the business to carry out lessons there. 

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“The proposed development will bring into use a vacant unit on the industrial estate which currently has a high level of vacancy and is located adjacent to the already approved children’s nursery.  

“The use proposed would generate employment and have an economic and social benefit. The site would complement the existing leisure, service, and other uses on the industrial estate.  The proposed development can be proven to have significant health benefits for children and adults.”

The plans are due to be considered by Durham County Council later this year.