It's official – the votes are in, and we can now reveal the best chippy in County Durham and Darlington.

After votes were cast online for a top 10, each restaurant has been interviewed on what they do best and why it is that they deserve to be voted the Best Chippy 2024.

The Northern Echo has published these interviews both online and in print, giving readers a chance to look at the options and have their say.

Now, the votes have been counted and we can reveal that the winner is . . . Cockerton Fisheries in 311 Woodland Road, Darlington.(Image: SARAH CALDECOTT)

Cockerton Fisheries has been in owner Sam Todd's family for more than 30 years, with her taking it over from her dad eight years ago, upon his retirement.

Reacting to the news, Sam said: "Oh my word that's amazing. Wow. I'm delighted.

"It's all down to hard work and looking after our customers. And the staff are amazing. We go out of our way for our customers. 

(Image: Picture: THE NORTHERN ECHO)

"We have lots of regulars and have a delivery service for elderly people. Since Covid, I have carried on with that. On a Saturday, I have 20 to 30 people that I deliver to and take the food into their house - they just love it. 

"It's all about looking after and doing that extra for our customers - as well as having the best fish and chips."  

One of her supporters is Mike Lee of Darlington, who wrote: "If it comes to a tiebreak I have nominated Cockerton Fisheries as they really are the best without doubt.

"Fish and chips from there really are good, portion-wise and quality and the staff are really friendly.

"After eating fish and chips once a week all of my life, it is still a meal I always look forward to all washed down with a pot of tea - Bliss.(Image: SARAH CALDECOTT)

Another voter, Joy Atkinson said: "I would just like to say that Cockerton Fisheries do the best gluten-free fish and chips. The batter is light and crispy and they taste delicious. 

"I am coeliac and it's just wonderful to be able to have this wonderful treat. 

"They deserve to win for going the extra mile to help people, who normally can't have fish and chips. Well done to them."

Speaking earlier to the Northern Echo, Sam said: "When I was 15 I worked at Mowden and Cockerton Fisheries, which I loved.

"Then Cockerton Fisheries was put up for sale as a good business and my dad bought it, even though he was a mechanic. He worked out the back and had it for five years, and he retired eight years ago and I took it on.

"I have never looked back, I just love it. I worked all through Covid too. We closed the door off to the shop and the queue went all around the village from 11am until 7pm.

"In the summer it was fine but in the winter we had people queuing in the rain and snow so we put heaters outside the shop to try and keep people warm.

"We have a lot of older customers, and some who couldn't get out, so during Covid I started to deliver to them every week, and I’ve kept that going even now.

"They don’t have to ring up and order, we just keep it going each week, and I even go in and get it on a plate for them."

Sam said the secret to her delicious fish and chips is all about the quality produce.

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She said: "We pick the best potatoes, using local farmers. You can buy cheaper batches but they are rubbish. I’ve got some local lads who come in after school and scrub and chip them for me every night.

"Our fish is from Collins, it’s Icelandic frozen and it’s just the best. We do all the preparation ourselves, you need to know we are being consistent."

The finalists were:

Bartlett Street Fish Shop

Barton's Fish and Chips

Cockerton Fisheries


Middleton In Teesdale Chip Shop

Mikes Fish Bar

Mr Chippy

North Road Fish Bar

Thirlmere Chippy

Yarm Road Fish & Chips