The Met Office has predicted a warm weekend in Darlington and Durham but cooled talk of a heatwave next week despite growing temperatures.

We have had a look at the forecast for the local area to let you know how hot it is going to get this weekend.


For Darlington, the forecast hints at light showers by Saturday, June 22, with temperatures peaking at 21°C and dropping to 13°C.

By Sunday, June 23, expect intermittent sun with temperatures between 20°C and 12°C.

For both days, the warmest period is forecasted early to mid-afternoon.


Saturday is set to remain cloudy with sun appearing by early evening, featuring highs of 22°C and lows of 12°C.

Sunday promises cloudy skies changing to sun by late morning, with temperatures possibly reaching a peak of 23°C and dropping to a low of 12°C.

(Image: The Met Office)

Here again, the warmest period is slated for early to mid-afternoon.

Regardless of location, a high UV and pollen count accompany both forecasts.


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But, temperatures next week are not expected to reach the threshold of a 'heatwave'.

Met Office spokesperson Stephen Dixon said it had been “a cold start to June”, but added: “From the middle of next week, there’s that signal to see temperatures return more towards average for the time of year.”

Mr Dixon continued: “It’s important to note that wouldn’t mean a heatwave, it wouldn’t mean notably hot weather.”