As summer comes around, you might find yourself looking for those picturesque locations to visit the leafy green villages and countryside walking paths. 

While the weather might not have improved from the rain of late (we're as surprised as you are), we have pieced together five of the most picturesque locations in County Durham to visit this summer. 

The five most picturesque villages to visit in County Durham:


On the bank of the River Tees, it's already a winner when it comes to picturesque locations. 

Halfway between Barnard Castle and Darlington, this gem is tucked away as a leafy green paradise of village life in the region. 

Boasting plenty of interesting architecture - most of the houses in Gainford date back to Georgian times.

Notable mentions in Gainford go out to the Church of St Mary, The Cross Keys Public House, Gainford, and the commemorative village cross.

And if that's not enough - there are plenty of walking routes through the village and down nexto the River Tees.


Named one of the poshest places to live in the UK for the third year in a row, Brancepeth is a perfect place to visit - due to its heritage and beautiful buildings dating back centuries. 

Brancepeth Castle dates back to the 12th century, with a café in the gatehouse and even a golf course next to the village hall. 

This place is a must-visit - especially on a sunny day.

Alongside the history, there are some lovely walks around Brancepeth, whether it's on the grounds of the castle or just around the village.


Boasting a village population of just over 1300 - this place is an ideal hidden gem in County Durham to spend a sunny summer day in. 

This place is probably most notable for having Raby Castle right next to it, which is great for a visit for all the family.

Whether it's looking around St Mary's Church, Staindrop or  The Wheatsheaf pub - this place is amazing. 


Providing Tanfield Railway, the Causey Arch and Tanfield School, the village is formally a mining location - and has plenty of picturesque excellence.

The village was first recorded in 1179 as Tamefeld, believed to be Old English for "field by the River Team", but it is mentioned in an account by John of Hexham of the Scottish invasion of 1138.

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And history is in abundance here - with the church dating back to the 10th century.

Like most places listed so far, there are some brilliant walks near Tanfield. 


Previously known as 'Pit Hill' - this place is well known for the museum that's based here - but beyond that, there's a village with an amazing history. 

Nearby, Pockerley Manor gives a rare insight into the architecture period, dating from the 15th century with later alterations and additions.

And with so many pubs and walks nearby - this place is picturesque when it comes to locations in County Durham.