Have you ever won big on National Savings and Investments’ (NS&I’s) famous Premium Bonds draw?

An area in the North East has been revealed as one of the luckiest for Premium Bond holders in the UK over the last 30 years, according to new data.

Although your money in the government-backed savings account doesn’t earn interest, there is an annual prize fund rate that funds a monthly prize draw for tax-free prizes.

Premium Bonds has made 532 millionaires since it drew its first £1 million jackpot winner in April 1994.

How to save money

NS&I launched its first Premium Bonds prize draw in 1957, when the jackpot was only £1,000.

North East area named among UK’s luckiest for Premium Bond holders

Tyne and Wear has been named as one of the luckiest areas for Premium Bond holders, as reported by Money Weekly.

The county has had 10 Premium Bond millionaires since 1994.

Elsewhere in the North East, Durham is home to five Premium Bond millionaires.

It appears Surrey is the luckiest area in the UK with 29 Premium Bond millionaires recorded in the last three decades.

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How to see if you have won on Premium Bonds

You can check your account via the NS&I website here.

Prize draws are conducted every month and prizes up to £1 million are given away.

To find out if you have ever won a Premium Bonds prize, you will need to dig out your holder's information and head over to the prize checker.

You will need your holder’s number which you can find on your bond record, or in the app.

You can also use your NS&I number which you should be able to find on any communication about your bonds.