Fire crews attended a blaze at a property caused by an electric drill’s battery pack earlier this month.

Cleveland Fire Brigade confirmed they attended the incident at a property in Loftus on June 8.

They said the fire began in the shed before spreading to the building’s kitchen and downstairs bathroom.

(Image: Cleveland Fire Brigade)

The property sustained ‘extensive fire’ and smoke damage.

The service said they deployed a hose reel and Breathing Apparatus at the scene, before extinguishing the blaze.

(Image: Cleveland Fire Brigade)

A spokesperson for Cleveland Fire Brigade said: “Earlier this month (08/06), in the early hours of the morning crews attended a fire at a property in Loftus which was caused by radiated heat from a lithium-ion battery pack in an electric drill.

“The fire began in the shed and then spread to the property’s kitchen and downstairs bathroom, causing thick black smoke and extensive fire damage.

“Crews using the hose reel and Breathing Apparatus (BA) extinguished the fire and prevented a further spread.

(Image: Cleveland Fire Brigade)

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(Image: Cleveland Fire Brigade)

“Although the family had working smoke alarms, they were out of range of the fire, so they hadn’t acted. Thankfully, the family who had been sleeping at the time had been alerted to the fire by a neighbour and safely escaped prior to our arrival.

“Lithium battery fires can spread quickly out of control, and within minutes have the ability to start a large fire which could result in extensive damage to property, injuries and tragically, fatalities.

“Please remember to charge safe: Never leave a device charging overnight. Unplug your device when it’s fully charged. Never store or charge devices on your escape routes.”