It is set to be an overcast and rainy day in Durham and Darlington today as the Met Office has forecast a flurry of showers to hit just after lunchtime with a possible risk of thunder.

Despite pleasant temperatures, the rain is set to make a return today (June 17) as the Met Office predicts bouts of rain to hit this afternoon.

Temperatures will reach a high of 17C from 2pm this afternoon as the forecaster predicts a 50% chance of rain at 5pm.

The sun is due to set at 9:45pm.

Following this wet start to the week, the forecaster has also stated that “more unsettled conditions” will hit the region from Wednesday to the end of the week.

Here’s a full hour-by-hour forecast for Darlington today.

9am: 12C with 20% chance of rain

10am: 13C with 10% chance of rain

11am: 14C with 10% chance of rain

12pm: 15C with 10% chance of rain

1pm: 16C with 30% chance of rain

2pm: 17C with 30% chance of rain

3pm: 17C with 10% chance of rain

4pm: 17C with 40% chance of rain

5pm: 16C with 50% chance of rain

6pm: 16C with 10% chance of rain

7pm: 16C with 10% chance of rain

8pm: 15C with 30% chance of rain

9pm: 15C with 40% chance of rain

10pm: 14C with <5% chance of rain

11pm: 13C with <5% chance of rain

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The forecaster predicts: “A bright start for many, with early showery rain clearing southwards to leave some sunny spells. Cloud will develop through the morning, leading to some scattered heavy showers with thunder possible.

“Mainly light winds, with temperatures near average for most. Maximum temperature 19 °C.”