The candidates standing for election in the Blaydon and Consett constituency have announced their campaigns to voters. 

Rishi Sunak announced the General Election for July 4 last month, saying it was “the moment for Britain to choose its future”.

This new constituency combines wards from the existing Blaydon and North West Durham constituencies, crossing the boundaries of Gateshead and County Durham.

Wards: Benfieldside, Burnopfield and Dipton, Consett North, Consett South, Delves Lane, Leadgate and Medomsley, Blaydon, Chopwell and Rowlands Gill, Crawcrook and Greenside, Ryton, Crookhill and Stella, Winlaton and High Spen.

Vicky Anderson, Liberal Democrat

In 2019 I was first elected as a councillor in Gateshead and I am currently one of 18 Liberal Democrats on the council.

As a councillor I have represented residents speaking on how we can tackle the cost of living crisis and issues close to my heart such as women’s rights and diversity and inclusion. 

Alongside campaigners and councillors I have worked on projects and campaigns in the wider areas of Blaydon and Consett, as well as in my ward.

I am honoured to have been chosen to represent Blaydon and Consett, and as your MP I would continue to listen to your views and demand change.

Vicky Anderson

David Ayre, Reform

I am a plumber and heating engineer working in many areas of the north east of England. 

General elections came and went, local elections came and went. There was never an option to vote for Reform UK. I thought, that if I didn’t feel I could ever vote Conservative or Labour and there wasn’t a candidate for Reform UK there must be more people that felt the same as me. I therefore put myself forward as a Reform Party candidate, not for myself but to give all those unhappy with the two major parties someone, and indeed something, to vote for. 

Richard Simpson, Green Party

The past 14 years of austerity, chaos, division and corruption are thankfully coming to an end. The Tories are toast and there's no enthusiasm for Labour's softly softly approach to the country's problems. The Green Party is the only Party providing real hope for a better future for all of us. As MP for Blaydon and Consett, I will work tirelessly in the interests of the constituency and be a pain in the neck to the next Government. 

Angela Sterling, Conservative 

Did not respond. 

(Image: Angela Sterling)

Paul Topping, Social Democratic Party

I'm proud to be standing as the Social Democratic Party's candidate for Blaydon and Consett. Our election manifesto puts forward a bold proposal for manufacturing-centred economic regeneration - investing in people, housing, transport, and affordable energy. Our cost-of-living crisis won’t go away overnight, but we can start building for the future, today. It’s time to reverse our country’s decline by voting for forward-thinking pragmatism on the July 4. 

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Liz Twist, Labour

"Fourteen years of Conservative Government have been disastrous for our region. There’s sewage in our rivers, mortgage and food prices through the roof, and people waiting on trolleys in A&E.  

It’s time for change - which is why I’m standing as your Labour candidate for the new Blaydon and Consett constituency.

Our fully costed, fully funded plan will get the NHS back on its feet, tackle sky-rocketing energy bills, crack down on antisocial behaviour and give local communities control of their public transport. A vote for Labour on 4th July is a vote to invest in the North East’s future."