The popular McDonald's branch on Genesis Way, Consett, is set to reopen on June 26 after a three-month closure for refurbishment.

The restaurant closed its doors for refurbishment on March 25, after plans were initially set for October 2023 but were delayed.

Under McDonald’s "Convenience of the Future" initiative, the overhaul is set to include a new restaurant layout and the inclusion of new technology to enhance customer service.


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It came soon after a similar announcement from Wetherspoons, resulting in the temporary closure of their Consett branch, The Company Row. The pub will reopen on Tuesday, June 18 at 8am.

A McDonald’s Spokesperson said: "The pace of change within the restaurant industry is relentless, and the pandemic accelerated this with digital adoption gathering greater pace.

"Our customers rightly expect to have choice in how and where they order and collect their food, and our job is to ensure that every experience is a great one.

"We strongly believe we have to continue to invest to grow, and this investment not only addresses how customers are ordering now but provides us with a platform to continue to adapt in the future, whatever that innovation looks like.

"This is a particularly exciting time to be introducing these upgrades as McDonald’s celebrates its 50th year in the UK."