A 22-year-old from County Durham is launching an initiative to help young Neurodivergent individuals.

Holly Knight, of social enterprise Celebrate Difference, has created the Learn Grow Thrive project after observing that other initiatives did not cater to the unique needs of a younger demographic.

This inclusive project, aimed at people aged 18-25 years old is funded by a generous grant of £5,000 from Durham County Council's Derwent Valley Area Action Partnership (AAP). It enables attendees to engage with each other at monthly meetings held at The HUB in Consett.

Each interactive session, led by an experienced neurodivergent professional, covers a spectrum of issues, such as jobs and careers, relationships, survival skills, and mental and physical self-care.

The topics were selected specifically considering the challenges that young people with ADHD, autism or other Neurodivergent conditions might encounter.

Ms Knight began her journey with Celebrate Difference’s sister scheme, MINT Business Club, via the government’s Kickstart initiative.

Following this, she began an apprenticeship with Celebrate Difference.

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She said: "By launching Learn Grow Thrive, we will create a community and a nice, safe place for young people with ADHD, autism and a range of Neurodivergent conditions to come and be themselves without fear of being judged."

"There are many great events and initiatives out there for Neurodivergent people, but young people aren’t facing the same situations.

"Therefore, some workshops are not always suitable.

"This initiative is tailored around the real issues and struggles young people are facing."

Celebrate Difference is a social enterprise promoting social equity, improving the lives of Neurodivergent individuals by utilising the lived experience and empathy of team members as guiding principles.

Corinne Walton, a local AAP coordinator, voiced her support saying: "The Derwent Valley partnership is delighted to be supporting Celebrate Difference to deliver its Learn Grow Thrive project."

Live Grow Thrive has also been financially supported by other benefactors including a £500 contribution from charity NE Youth.

The sessions will take place on the fourth Friday of each month at The HUB Consett between 2.30pm-5pm.