LOOKING back to the week that was June 17 to 23, 20 years ago...

AN ice cream vendor displayed his national pride by tuning up his ice cream van to play the opening chords of BBC Match of the Day, ahead of the 2004 Euros in Portugal.

The vans, owned by Barries Ices, in Catterick Bridge, North Yorkshire, had been playing the tune throughout the tournament.

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Barrie Proctor, who owns the firm, said: "It is patriotic and we have got to support the footballers."

Mr Proctor believed that England were not only going to beat the Swiss, but go on to win the competition.

He said: "We are going to get to the final and I think the final will be a repeat of Sunday, but I think we will win 2-1."

It was not the first time that Mr Proctor's ice cream vans changed their tunes for a footballing occasion.

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"It is not something we have just done for this particular tournament, " he said.

"If there is a big match on, we play the tunes and we always get a good response."

Youngsters from across the region were attempting to become record breakers in a road safety campaign, in June 2004.

50 pupils from Breckon Hill School, in Middlesbrough, and 75 from Springfield School, in Darlington, took part in a nationwide attempt to break the world record for the biggest walking bus.

The event saw 18,000 children across the country take part in the event organised by Brake, a charity which cares for families who have lost someone in a road accident.

A walking bus involves children walking hand in hand in pairs, which is considered a safe and environmentally friendly way of getting to and from school.

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Middlesbrough road safety officer, Ros Pluck, said: "We are very pleased to be joining in this national event and hope to contribute to breaking the record.

"A walking bus is a safe way of getting to and from school and also helps children get some exercise so it is something we encourage all schools to do."

Anna Evans, headteacher at Springfield Primary School, said: "We were all delighted to take part."