Aldi shoppers across Tyne and Wear have raised nearly £2,500 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

For a month, the supermarket store gave its customers the opportunity to obtain a £1 raffle ticket at checkouts of participating branches, with the chance to bag a £100 gift card.

The proceeds were handed over to the cause, and the store at Kingston Park Avenue, Newcastle, was commended for selling the most tickets in the region.

This fundraising effort was a part of Aldi's national dedication to the charity.

Since 2017, the supermarket chain has raised £10 million for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Liz Fox, national sustainability director at Aldi UK, expressed her gratitude to the participants.

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She said: "We would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who took part in our charity raffle to support Teenage Cancer Trust last month."

Fox also emphasised Aldi's steadfast commitment to the charity's work, hinting at an ambitious goal of raising £15 million by 2027.

Kate Collins, chief executive at Teenage Cancer Trust, remarked on the tremendous scale of participation, sharing that over 74,000 Aldi shoppers across the country contributed to the cause.

She said: "We’re very grateful to all those that took part and these vital funds will help us to make sure that young people with cancer have the best possible care that they need and deserve."