The Dead Dog Gallery is set to host the final exposition of its summer series at Durham Sixth Form Centre on Thursday, June 13, between 5 and 7pm.

This show pays homage to the renowned artists, Norman Cornish and LS Lowry, featuring collaborative contributions from young creatives across County Durham.

Drawing from Cornish and Lowry's iconic representations of Northern England's people, locations, and landmarks, the exhibition underscores universally relatable themes of human connection, a sense of place, and belonging.

It features three original Cornish pieces, generously loaned from the Cornish family, which reflect humanity's shared history and heritage.

This show is set to offer an opportunity for visitors to voyage through the enduring legacies of these two distinguished artists, from the fresh perspectives of our young people.

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It promises to 'shine a light' on the recurring themes of northern resilience and their relevance in contemporary society.

After the preview on June 13, the gallery will roll out an education outreach programme.

Funded by The Gillian Dickinson Trust, this initiative will engage primary schools throughout County Durham and strengthen the gallery's ongoing commitment to present enriching, real-life experiences within visual arts to the younger demographic across the North East.

Complementing the exhibition, the gallery has rolled out the first year of its Emerging Artist in Residency programme, offering early-career creatives a five-week summer residency.

Event Details:

● Opening Date: Thursday, June 13, 2024
● Time: 5 to 7 pm
● Location: Dead Dog Gallery, Durham Sixth Form Centre, Providence Row, The Sands, Durham, DH1 1SG

For further information, please contact Michael Robinson, Head of Art Department at