Dog lovers looking for a new best friend will be happy to learn there are dozens of dogs up for adoption in Darlington.

Dogs Trust Darlington have plenty of rescue dogs looking for a forever home this month.

We have compiled a list of six pups hoping to bring some light into their new owner's lives.

Mishka and Stormy

(Image: Dogs Trust) (Image: Dogs Trust)

At the Darlington Dogs' Trust, Mishka, a 6-year-old Siberian Husky, and her 3-year-old best mate, Stormy, are looking for an energetic household that loves adventures.

They require a home where they'll be the only dogs, and they must live with children aged 10 or over.

They are both affectionate girls who love a fuss.

Mishka really enjoys being around people while Stormy will eventually take herself off to play with a toy.

They both enjoy playing with toys but swaps will need to be done during playtime."


(Image: Dogs Trust)

Luna, a young, playful Lurcher of just 6-12 months old, is also seeking a new home.

She will thrive in a lively environment that can keep up with her exuberant energy.

Luna is a bouncy, playful girl.

She'll benefit from physical activity and enrichment games where she can keep her mind active too," the Trust worker explained.

Luna will blossom in the care of secondary school-aged kids and needs to be the sole pet.


(Image: Dogs Trust)

Wilma, a 1-year-old Crossbreed, comes with a sweet, sensitive nature.

She requires a quiet home environment, ideally one with a garden area so she can safely play and have some peace.

Treats and toys are the way to win this girl’s heart!

She loves to carry her toys around and likes to find a shady spot to laze in.

Wilma must be the only pet in the home and would benefit from not having young children around.


(Image: Dogs Trust)

Levi, a German Shepherd Dog Cross who is 1-2 years old, is waiting for a family who is passionate about dog training.

Levi is a fabulous lad and is going to be an amazing dog to work with!

He’s already showing his potential and recently mastered a ‘sit’ and taking his treats gently," shares the worker.

Levi has the potential to live with dogs and secondary school-aged children in his forever home.


(Image: Dogs Trust)

Lastly, Gus, a playful 1-2-year-old Dogue De Bordeaux Cross, is searching for a quieter environment.

He's a sensitive chap in new environments, but once he's comfortable, he's instantly a friendly and lively chap.

He loves his toys and a game of ball, and this is a great way to make friends with him," says one of his handlers at the Trust.

Gus may cohabitate with other dogs and secondary school children well, provided they appreciate his bouncy nature.

These pups at Darlington Dogs' Trust need forever homes.

Any prospective owners who can offer the love and care they deserve are encouraged to get in touch with the Trust and give these dogs the second chance they need.