Count Binface has revealed that he will stand in the general election, challenging the Prime Minister in "electoral combat" by gunning for his North Yorkshire constituency seat. 

In his podcast Trash Talk, Count Binface today (Friday, June 7) confirmed that he will be standing as a candidate in Richmond and Northallerton, which has been held by Rishi Sunak since 2015. 

Standing outside County Hall in Northallerton, Binface said he was taking on "the biggest fish of the lot" on July 4. 

He said: "I am gunning to become a member of parliament. If you know Binface, you know that I always take on the biggest fish of the lot (though, this time, I should add that the biggest is only meant figuratively). 

"I am here right now in Richmond and Northallerton, and I can announce that I will be taking on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in electoral combat on July 4. 

"You shirked D-Day Rishi, you can't miss the B-Day. That's right. Binface vs Sunak is going to be Fury vs Usyk times a billion. Bring it on!"

Binface recently stood in London Mayoral Elections, gaining 24,260 votes, just under 1 percent of the turnout. He came 11th in the contest, beating Britain First's candidate. 

 He describes himself as an intergalactic space warrior.

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The list of candidates is: 

  • Count Binface, of the Count Binface Party. 
  • Daniel Callaghan, of the Liberal Democrats.
  • Lou Dickins, of the Workers Party.
  • Kevin Foster, of the Green Party.
  • Archibald Stanton, of the Monster Raving Loony Party. 
  • Rishi Sunak, of the Conservative Party. 
  • Lee Taylor, of Reform UK. 
  • Tom Wilson, of the Labour Party.